Olmos Park

Located within San Antonio in Bexar County Texas, Olmos Park is an enclave city. As of the 2010 census, there are around 2,237 people that reside here. Olmos Park was originally developed in the 1920s as a part of an exclusive suburb of the much larger city of San Antonio. San Antonio completely surrounds this city. Olmos Park is a primarily upper-class neighborhood, though you can find a variety of different price ranges for homes in this area. Here, you can really be a part of the big city without having to worry about all of the hustle and bustle that comes along with city life. It is around 4 miles north of San Antonio’s downtown area.

Things to Do

Since you are so close to San Antonio when you purchase a home here, you can enjoy all of the incredible places that San Antonio has to offer. One of these incredible spots is the Great Room Escape, which is part of the popular trend of puzzle rooms that you see all over these days. For history buffs, you should visit the Alamo at least once in your life, especially if you live within the city. If you want something that is a bit more low key to relax or to have a nice day out with your family, you should check out Brackenridge Park. This is located right dab in the middle of San Antonio but offers you the escape that you have desperately been looking for. You should also look at the San Antonio River Walk. You can take in some incredible views while walking around this area.

Things to Eat

As for places to eat, there are plenty of places where you can enjoy some delicious cuisine while out on the town. One great place is Tribeca, a restaurant that is open during dinnertime. This popular spot is a gourmet that is in the mid-price range area. A popular choice here is the truffle fries. If you feel like great Mexican food, Panchito’s Mexican Restaurant is another popular location. Some would even argue that this is the best Mexican food spot in the area. Finally, check out Mary Lou’s Café for a variety of offerings to soothe any craving.


You can find some nice specialty and boutique shops here in Olmos Park. One particularly interesting location is Pinky’s Boutique, which is a unique shop that sells one-of-a-kind goods. Camilla Brink Stationary is a specialty shop that can service your stationary needs and you can even find some pretty special gifts here as well. Red Bone Guitar Boutique is a great place to go, especially if you are looking for left-handed guitars. There are also your usual big box stores that you can get to in San Antonio.


Olmos Park is a spot that you can really call your home. The median house price here is around $400,000, but you may find a house within your price range. This is a perfect community to settle down in and call your home.