La Vernia

You can find La Vernia located in Wilson County, Texas. It is a part of the San Antonio Metropolitan Statistical Area and has an estimated population of just over 1,000 people according to the 2010 census. It is 25 miles east of San Antonio and is a thriving rural middle class community. This is one of the reasons that this community is such a desirable spot to move right now. It is also a very diverse location with such a rich history that may interest you. It also has a lower crime rate when compared to the local communities as well, which is really important for you to consider when home buying.

Things to Do

Just because this is considered to be a rural community that does not mean that you will not find anything to do. In fact, since it is a thriving community and it is so close to San Antonio, you have quite a few options to choose from to keep yourself entertained. For instance, annually you can experience Haunted Hill Road around Halloween. The Music Loft is a spot where you can take in some local music. The La Vernia Heritage Museum is a great place to check out and for your children to learn. Circle N Maze is another great annual event that people absolutely love to take in for an outdoor challenge. You can also find great options in San Antonio that will ensure that you always have something to do.

Things to Eat

You have so many choices for big name franchises here but there are also so many local dining spots that you really need to experience on your own. The Den LV is a place to get some delicious local food like crawfish and sweet potato tater tots. Witte’s BBQ is a great local place to get all of your favorite barbecue options.  For some great Chinese food, you should visit La Vernia Chinese Cuisine. Sammy’s Mexican Restaurant has some amazing Mexican food at an affordable price. Another great restaurant is Big Tejas Steak House Mexican Food Restaurant and Cantina. Busy Bear Café is a cheap place to get food at all meals. Finally, stop by Capparelli’s La Vernia for some incredible pizza.


This thriving community has a lot of big box stores within the community and the nearby city of San Antonio. There are also some great local stores that you will want to check out. Lace & Antlers sells great items for décor. Just Lovelee has products that will make your house smell fantastic. Too Blessed has handmade clothing that people in the area absolutely love. These are only a few of your locally owned shops that you need to check out.

La Vernia is a great place for you to settle down in. Here you are in a conveniently located community that is currently thriving right now. You will be able to find your dream home here at a price that you can afford. You will love living here.