Elm Creek

Elm Creek, Texas is located in Maverick County Texas. According to the 2010 census, there are around 2,500 people that live in this location. It is a census-designated place within this county that is associated with the city of Eagle Pass, which is the county seat. Students in Elm Creek attend school as part of the Eagle Pass Independent School District, since the location itself is small enough to be incorporated with the larger city. It is around 140 miles outside of the much larger San Antonio but you can enjoy the buzz of the city in Eagle Pass, where there are also a lot of businesses to find employment or enjoy yourself.

Things to Do

As far as things to do in Elm Creek itself, there are not a lot of options. However, Eagle Pass is right next door and has quite a few offerings for people to go out and do. For instance, if you are someone who is big into history, Fort Duncan is within Eagle Pass. Here you can find Civil War era buildings, some of which are used for museums that you may be interested in. For people who love a little outdoor activity, tennis and golfing are great activities to do here. There is a stunning lake for you to enjoy while relaxing in the park and a playground that is perfect for all ages to enjoy.

Things to Eat

There are some great dining options both in Elm Creek and in Eagle Pass for you to enjoy here. In Elm Creek, one option is the Pig Sty Bar. Here you can either enjoy some drinks or some great food, or you could just enjoy both. Another great choice in Elm Creek is Mi Cocinito, which is really the perfect place to take in the local flavor. In nearby Eagle Creek, there is no shortage of great cuisine that you can enjoy. One top spot is Yoshi’s Seafood and Grill. Looking for pizza? Peter Piper Pizza has delicious offerings for you. These are just some great choices for cuisine that you can get in this local area.


When it comes to shopping in this area, Eagle Pass has a lot of different options. There are your chain stores that you can choose from like Walmart, but there are also local spots. If you are into comic books and memorabilia, Heroes to the Rescue is a place that you must-see. There are also a variety of stores that have handmade goods like bows or crochet gifts like Beautiful B Creations. These are only a few great local stores to check out in this great location.


Not everyone wants to live in a larger city. Other people like the affordable charm of a smaller location just outside of a city. If this sounds like you, Elm Creek is the place you have been looking for. With the wide array of options for housing here, you can definitely find your dream home within this perfect location with the small town appeal.