Located 15 miles northeast of San Antonio’s downtown area, Converse, Texas is a city in Bexar County. As of the 2010 census, this city has around 18,000 residents and it is part of the San Antonio Metropolitan Statistical Area. It is an affordable city that allows you the benefits of being so close to a large city without having to deal with the daily issues that living in a big city can bring. Here, you are conveniently close to everything that you could possibly want and need access to. Converse is truly an incredible city that anyone would love to live in.

Things to Do

There are so many things that you can do in this great city of Converse. One popular choice is taking your friends and family bowling at the Randolph AFB Bowling Center. Converse North Park is a great spot to enjoy the outdoors with your family. Or if you’re looking for a tranquil time alone, this is the perfect place to enjoy your day. If you enjoy the nightlife, spend a night out at the Uptown 78 Lounge, a popular nightspot that people love to let loose at. These are just some of many incredible places that you can visit near Converse, Texas.

Things to Eat

Who doesn’t enjoy a nice café? Be sure to try Kiny’s, a cafe that offer a variety of foods including soups, hot meals, and delicious sandwiches. If you have a sweet tooth, try their incredible dessert offerings that you will love. An incredibly popular local fast food spot is Rockets Feed, a place that you need to taste. Their burgers and sandwiches are delicious and inexpensive. Papa Dante’s Restaurant and Bayseas Restaurant are two other local options to check out! You will not regret any of these choices, and there are so many choices that you can have in converse and near San Antonio.


Here in Converse, you do have access to the typical big brand stores, but there are so many other local options that you must-see. One great spot is the DVD Trading Company, where you can find great deals on DVDs and may even find some rare ones that you have never seen before. A Little Brit Crafty has handmade goods that will make perfect gifts for yourself or your loved ones. Finally, for some very unique products, check out Spunky Monkey Couture.


Converse is a unique and affordable city that has a lot of offer its residents. There are so many unique locations here that add to the flair of this city. It is the perfect spot because there is a variety of available homes in any price range. You are also able to enjoy life outside of the city, yet live close enough to venture to San Antonio whenever you want.