A city called Bulverde, sits just North of San Antonio Metropolitan area. The history of Bulverde’s community and the region is both unique and significant.  The City of Bulverde was established as an attractive community that stands out from other suburban towns. The town’s beauty and feel of the Hill Country is why this town is referred to as “the Front Porch of the Texas Hill Country.” Bulverde is a community with a unique and vibrant historical heritage that is focused on the protection and perseverance of its historic sites.

Things to Do

You will love all of the options of things to do both in Bulverde and the nearby cities. One thing that you must see here is the Tejas Rodeo Company. Here you can really take in a fun day with your family or friends. For animal lovers, The Farmyard is a great location to visit. Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch is another great location to get up close and personal with the animals that live here. Since wildlife is such a focal point here, there are many different locations that you can see here. Doringcourt Stables is another one of these locations with animals including llamas, goats, donkeys, and ponies. If you have kids, you should check out Bricks 4 Kids. This is a place that focuses on educational play for children. These are just some of the many locations that you can share your spare time with your family when you are living here in Bulverde.

Things to Eat

Whatever you are currently craving, you can find something here to eat. There are a diverse range of restaurants that you can choose from in this city and other locations nearby. Mike’s in the Village is a highly rated place. It is priced right and the food as well as the service makes eating here such an enjoyable experience. 46th St. Pizzeria is an inexpensive but very delicious pizza shop. Papa Gallos is a delicious Mexican restaurant that sells food at great prices. For great Asian cuisine, you really need to check out Thai Lao Orchid. Chicken Express is a fantastic fast food restaurant where you can get food with that home-style taste that you love.


Being close to shopping areas is important when purchasing a home. Luckily for you, you have several shopping options nearby. You should check out Texas Carpet Baggers, a shop that specializes in selling a variety of styles of bags. If you want to add stained glass windows to your home, Hill Country Stained Glass Studio is the place to turn to. For great gifts for your loved ones, you should check out Amy’s Sweet Scrubs. Thrifts and Gifts is a fantastic location for unique goods that you may not be able to find anyplace else. Bulverde, Texas could be the perfect location to set down roots. The affordable homes may bring you in but all of the great things that this city has to offer will keep you here.

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